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April 2016: The BBC featured independent libraries.
The fall and rise of subscription libraries, by Sandish Shoker

Annual Reports

Annual Report of the AIL 2014-2015.pdf

Previous Annual meetings

The Annual Meeting for 2016 was held at Bromley House Library, Nottingham 10th-11th June.

The 2015 Annual Meeting took place at the Morrab Library, Penzance, 12th-13th June.

Other events

Each Independent Library runs its own events including those listed in the categories above. The Events List is not exhaustive and all events listed are subject to change. Please refer to the individual organisation to confirm details and book your place. Where no price is indicated, the cost of attendance is unknown. Contact your local library using the details in the directory for specific information on events.
*A star indicates that the event is restricted to Members of the organisation only

Forthcoming Exhibitions in AIL Libraries

USDAW: 125 Years Strong

November 4-27 The Plymouth Athenaeum

The Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2016. The union’s pop-up exhibition reviews Usdaw’s social history and showcases campaigns then and now in the areas of safer workplaces, better conditions, improved pay and fairness at work. The exhibition is free, open to all and offers a fascinating insight into the rights of shopworkers through the years.